World café exercise


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The world café exercise helps enable a large group of participants to discuss and agree on critical questions and themes that will guide their PAL for Gender Mainstreaming inquiry (stage three of the process). They may also think in more depth about what good practices they could document and how to do this in an effective way. 


Each theme is allocated a table or ‘café’ and a ‘café owner’ who facilitates the discussion and reports back to the wider group. Participants are organised into groups and move from café to café, discussing:

  • Questions that could be explored for a PAL for Gender Mainstreaming inquiry  - and how information may be gathered
  • Lessons learned from previous projects and how they may be documented 
  • Existing good practices at both project and organisational levels, and how they may be documented.

Once participants have contributed to discussions on in small groups they come back together with the whole group for final sharing and reflections.